Check out all of our APIs for developing with Excel Services on the web

Interactive View

Interactive View enables you to create an Excel experience for your visitors based on any HTML table.

JavaScript API

You use the Excel Services JavaScript API to work with Excel Web Access Web parts on a SharePoint page, or to work with embedded workbooks on a host web page.

For the most part, you make the same API calls when working with an embedded workbook that you do when working with an Excel Web Access Web part, so you can use a lot of the same code in both situations. Browse the SharePoint Server 2010 SDK documentation to find a complete reference for the Excel Services JavaScript API.

Click here to view the entire JavaScript API in a UML diagram.

REST API (SharePoint Only)

Excel Services offers a REST API that you can use to pull workbook data into your applications. By using the REST API, you can access workbook parts or elements directly through a URL. Currently, you use the REST API to work with SharePoint solutions.

SOAP API (SharePoint Only)

Excel Services also provides a SOAP-based Web Service. Currently, you use the Excel Services Web Service to work with SharePoint solutions.